Health Economics Federation

The nature of the federation


Iranian Federation of Health Economics is the most prestigious organization for solving challenges and continuous improvement of business in the field of health in Iran.


1- Defending the common rights and interests of the members and maintaining and promoting their professional status and improving their business environment.

2- Developing coordination and cooperation between members in order to create a single voice to defend common rights and interests and help reform laws and regulations in the industrial and economic fields of health economics.

3- Developing the participation of the private sector in the field of health in public decision-making and policy-making processes and creating a suitable environment and space for interaction and cooperation with the government and efforts to reduce government ownership.

4- Establishing and developing international relations of members

5- Strengthening scientific and knowledge-based management in economic organizations and enterprises and scientific associations in the field of health.

6- Strengthening investment security and its development by the private sector active in the health economy.

7- Helping to promote the understanding of the society about the effective role of health activists in strengthening and economic development of the country and public welfare.

8- Necessary measures to attract capital; Technical knowledge ; Management and skilled foreign manpower for the growth and promotion of member organizations.

9- Providing legal services; Advisory and educational to members and assisting sub-organizations in terms of science and management and holding training courses and conducting scientific research; Trade union and trade required by members and attending various domestic and foreign conferences and writing and translating scientific articles on the subject of the federation.

This mission is except with the cooperation and unanimity of the members of the member organizations and the promotion of their bargaining power; Interacting with the Chamber of Commerce; Industry ; Mines and Agriculture and reflecting the common views of members to the ministries; The Islamic Consultative Assembly and other government organizations and institutions are not possible.


In order to achieve the above goals; Need to provide tools and take necessary measures such as data collection; Holding meetings between member organizations; Develop a strategic plan of the federation and acquaint the covered community with its strategies and policies; Concluding a memorandum of cooperation in industrial fields; Educational; Research related to the field of activities of the federation with government organizations and institutions; Private and scientific centers.

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